Piston 20cl Pick n’ Mix


Enjoy your choice of 3 x 20cl bottles of Piston Gin supplied in a complimentary matte black Piston gift box with carry handle and magnetic closure.

To create your bespoke gift box simply select 'Add' on the 3 flavours of your choice from the list below.


London Dry Gin 20cl

Forged in a time-honoured technique, Piston delivers a robust and enticing, Distinguished London Dry Gin.

Oak Aged Gin 20cl

Piston London Distinguished Dry Gin aged in French oak barrels with a touch of honey.

Coffee Infused Gin 20cl

Blended with velvety cold brewed Ethiopian coffee and a touch of sweet muscovado sugar.


Strawberry & Hibiscus Gin 20cl

Fresh locally picked strawberries and delicate aromas of Nigerian hibiscus create a subtle sweetness followed by a smooth citrus finish.

Douglas Fir Infused Gin 20cl

Bright in colour and beautifully tart, Douglas Fir is a smooth Gin with a distinctive character.

Forêt Noire Gin 20cl

A beautifully balanced, intensely flavoured black forest gin.